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1. Subject: This guy used to be one of the worst athletes in his class and now he has a 44-inch vertical jump…

So my buddy Momir Gataric used to be one of the worst athletes in his high school class. He entered high school as just an average basketball player. He could barely touch the backboard and his high school coaches didn’t think much of him.

He wasn’t even supposed to start on his JV team.

Now he has a 44-inch vertical jump and earned himself a full ride scholarship to play college ball.

I asked him for his secrets to success and he told me that he became obsessed with the vertical jump.

Every day he would read about vertical jump training and try new techniques on himself.

Every off-season he spent hours trying out different methods and techniques to increase his vertical jump.

Finally, one off-season that he claims as the greatest off-season of his life, he increased his vertical jump from a vertical in the 20s to one in the 40s. He explains exactly how on his website:

He went from barely being able to dunk (he’s 6”4’ so not impressive) to being able to do 360s, windmills, and between the legs dunks.

Anytime he walked into a gym – everyone knew who he was.

There is a video on his website of him throwing down a baseline dunk to start the game.

His team opened up every game like this – with a monster baseline dunk ON 3 PEOPLE.

I would have never wanted to play them. No way. Check it out for yourself and let me know if you would.

2. Subject: Russell Westbrook could barely dunk in high school…

If you know anything about Russell Westbrook, you’ll know that he was never an outstanding athlete growing up nor was he recruited heavily.

In fact the two things that stand out about Russell’s early athletic career are:

1. That he got a scholarship to UCLA by a lucky occurrence (Jordan Farmar declared for the NBA draft and Coach Ben Howland had an extra scholarship)

2. And that he couldn’t dunk until his senior of high school!

This is something that is almost unheard of with elite professional basketball players.

What’s his secret? How did he go from being an unathletic average player to a triple double machine and a FREAK athlete?

In an interview he actually said that he trained on his vertical jump one off-season and with specific exercises and routines became the freak of nature he is today.

This shows us that even guys who aren’t naturally athletic can increase their vertical to 45+ inches.

Anything is possible and Russell Westbrook is a testament to that.

This story gave me a ton of inspiration and on top of that I heard that Momir Gataric (vertical jump expert and former college basketball player with a 44-inch vert) has released the most comprehensive and in-depth vertical jump program on the internet.

I’m super excited that I finally have access to it now. And I’m extremely excited to share this info with you. Here is his program...

Check it out for yourself and start increasing your vertical to heights you could only dream about.

3. Subject: I went from grabbing the rim to doing 360s!

If you haven’t heard yet – Momir Gataric, vertical jump training expert and former college basketball player with a 44-inch vertical jump, has released a new vertical jump program that is becoming an immense success! Athlete’s from all over the world are using it and adding 10+ inches on their vertical jump in a matter of 10 weeks!

He’s spent years developing and creating this program…that’s why it is the best and most in-depth program out right now on the internet…

Check it out and also check out this testimonial from James Clark from Minneapolis, Minnesota:

“Hi Momir,

Honestly, I’m so happy and thankful. I have spent 100s of dollars over the last couple years trying out different vertical jumps programs. I finally found your program because a friend told me about it. He said he gained 11 inches in 10 weeks and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He used to be a guy that couldn’t even touch rim! Now he can do tomahawks!!! Well after seeing that, I purchased your program - The Bounce Guide, and I was amazed with all the information that was included in it….I then started the workouts and went from grabbing rim to doing 360s and two hand tomahawks! Seriously this is so crazy to me. It’s a dream come true…. Thank you Momir. I will recommend your program to everyone.”

If you want to do the same and start flying and dunking like James and everyone else who has tried The Bounce Guide, then check out the program here:

4. Subject: Have you tried everything and feel like you’ll never dunk? Well you haven’t tried The Bounce Guide….

Vertical jump expert and former college basketball player (with a 44-inch vertical jump) has released his crazy new vertical jump program that GUARANTEES athlete’s gain at least 10 inches on their vertical jump! He shares all of the secrets and techniques that he used to increase his vertical jump from 28 inches to 44 inches.

I’m incredibly excited about this! Now a guy like me who can’t jump to save his life will finally achieve his dream of being able to dunk!

Check out the program that has so much BUZZ around it and that’s turning average athletes into dunking machines:

5. Subject: Don’t ever let anyone work harder than you…

If you ever ask any professional athlete why they worked so hard growing up… they will tell you that it’s because they were scared. They were scared that someone else out there was working harder than them.

This is a very common fear that nearly ALL professional athlete’s share. And it is a fear that has led to their success.

This is actually something that sports psychologists are saying is one of the things that leads athletes to work hard, improve, and become elite athletes.

Why do I bring this up?

Well it’s because I want to motive others to be scared of someone else working harder than you.

It’s a powerful tool for athletes and when you hear of hundreds of other athletes increasing their vertical jump using Momir Gataric’s vertical jump training program: The Bounce Guide; then you shouldn’t allow them to prosper and benefit from something while you sit there and do nothing.

You should be motivated to also increase your vertical jump. The Bounce Guide is widely available and you can find it here:

Don’t let others become better athletes while you sit there and do nothing. Get The Bounce Guide and finally become the high-level athlete that college coaches and fans love.

6. Subject: Have you always wanted to dunk? Here’s your solution…

Just want to let you know that Momir Gataric has released the number #1 vertical jump program on the internet: The Bounce Guide. It covers EVERTHING about vertical jump training. From nutrition to weightlifting to plyometrics. Literally, everything you should know about vertical jump training is in The Bounce Guide.

Momir is a vertical jump expert and has helped hundreds of athletes increase their vert by 10+ inches. He also has a 44-inch vertical jump himself and is a former college basketball player.

You can check the program out here:

7. Subject: How is it possible to GUARANTEE someone they will gain 10+ inches in 10 weeks

Is it possible to guarantee someone that they will gain 10+ inches on their vert?

If you have a vertical in the 50s then you probably won’t put another 10 inches onto your vert. However, if you a vertical in the 20s, 30s, or even low 40s then it is absolutely possible to put 10 inches on your vert.

See - most people are nowhere near their genetic potential or ceiling. In fact I believe that almost any male that’s decently in shape can achieve a running vertical jump of 40+ inches.

That’s a bold statement – I know.

However, my buddy Momir has spent the last 5 years of his life training athletes and increasing their vertical jump.

He says that if an athlete is committed and does the correct training, then there is no way they don’t reach a running 40+ inch vertical jump.

He also says that of all the athletes he has trained one-on-one; every single one has attained this sort of explosiveness and athleticism.

He also has released a vertical jump program that details all of his training secrets and techniques that he uses on others to increase their vert to 40+ inches.

Go to Momir’s website here:

PS: There are a couple crazy dunk videos of Momir dunking in games on the site. Be sure to take a look at them ?

8. Subject: How my life changed when I increased my vertical to 45 inches…

Here is a testimonial from Tony talking about how his life changed once he increased his vertical to 45 inches using The Bounce Guide:

“I purchased The Bounce Guide the summer after my senior year of high school. I was a pretty good basketball player and was headed off to play ball at a Junior College in California. Throughout high school I was always regarded as a pretty good player and a decent athlete. However, I didn’t have that IT factor. I was good but not good enough, hence, why I didn’t get any offers and had to go the JUCO route. Then the summer before college I decided to try The Bounce Guide out. By then there was a bunch of hype going around and I decided why not I have nothing to lose. In 12 weeks I increased my vertical from 36 inches to 45 inches. I used to be able to dunk two hands off one foot and within 10 short weeks I could windmill. It was absolutely AMAZING. I went into my JUCO season and killed it. I was offered a Division 1 scholarship 10 games into the season. I literally became the man on the court and the #1 option. I’ve always known that having a massive vertical jump has college coaches drooling over you but never really believed it. I always thought if I could shoot, dribble, and pass very well then that’d be enough. Boy was I wrong! I spent my whole life working on my skills and didn’t really get anywhere. Then 12 weeks of The Bounce Guide and I had a full ride scholarship! Now I’m hoping I will go pro. What a difference a year makes or I should say what a difference 12 weeks make! I just want to say thank you to Momir and everyone involved in creating The Bounce Guide.


Go to Momir’s website and check The Bounce Guide out for yourself here:

PS: I’ve seen a ton more testimonials like this one and they’re making me extremely excited about giving Momir’s system a try! Let me know how your experience with the program goes, I love hearing success stories!

9. Subject: The 4 critical factors in vertical jump training

Is your vertical jump training routine focused around the 4 critical factors of vertical jump training?

Or are you like most people and only focus on lifting weights and doing plyometrics?

If you’re like most people then you’re probably struggling to gain any inches on your vertical. That’s because most people will typically only do weight lifting and plyometric training. They don’t actually have a comprehensive vertical jump training routine. Weights and plyos are an excellent tool for any athlete looking to increase their explosiveness but you MUST focus on these 4 critical factors in vertical jump training:

1. Strength

2. Speed

3. Movement Efficiency

4. Nutrition

Each one of those points is just as important as the next. You must focus on each one and have a dedicated protocol to addressing ALL of those points.

If you don’t, then you will not put 10+ inches on your vertical and your results will be sub par.

The Bounce Guide discusses these 4 points and goes IN-DEPTH about each. You also get the luxury of having your workout set up around ALL 4 points.

Get The Bounce Guide here if you want to learn which exercises you need to do to specifically target those 4 points above:

PS: Check out all of the dunking videos of Momir. He says that the video of him turning the corner and throwing down a dunk baseline was the play his high school team ran at the start of EVERY game. He would throw it down just like that every single time and it was a great way to intimidate the other team.

I would have hated playing against a monster like that….sheesh

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