I Have a 44-Inch Vertical Jump and I Make a Living Helping Others Get One

Dear athlete,

The fact that you are here, reading THIS line is telling me two things:

1. You desperately want to improve your vertical jump and get that scholarship or professional contract

2. Everything you have tried so far has been a waste of time and money

I know this because I was just like you: Spending nights wandering around the internet, Googling 'How to increase vertical
jump' and buying anything that would promise adding a few inches to my below-average leap.

You know what's the craziest thing about people like us?

- We refuse to give up.

Take me for an example...

I would literally torture myself with thousands of jumps per day for weeks just to find out that the training I was doing was completely wrong and leading me nowhere.

Guess what I would do then?

Exactly... I would go try another training program and start all over again.

I was working my tail off all year long, constantly fatigued and in pain but without any noticeable progress.

It seemed like I was destined to settle for hitting a three every once in a while and watch others throw down rim-wrecking dunks and get all the love from scouts and the crowd.

How One Summer of Working with an Olympic Track Coach in
San Jose Changed My Life Forever

My dad's good friend (an Olympic Track & Field coach) moved to San Jose one year and lived close by to me and my family (I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area). This was a man who taught people to jump higher for a living. He was an incredibly smart guy and as obsessed with jumping as I was.

I would email him daily and pick his brain about jump training. I remember sitting there and anxiously waiting for him to reply to my questions.

Every single time I saw his reply in my inbox it would be the greatest adrenaline rush of my life because I knew his advice was priceless.

Next thing I know, I took my bag (and my 28" vertical) and went all the way to San Jose to meet this man and give my dream one last shot.

I spent the next 10 weeks training, eating and living like one of the professional jumpers he has been working with, and guess what?

It was NOTHING like the training I have been doing before.

In the first 4 weeks alone I added more inches than I did with all those other programs combined.

By the time I came back for the first team practice, I was flying. Literally.

God, I still remember my teammates' faces when Slow-Mo, as they called me, threw down this nasty windmill only a few minutes into the first practice.

Probably the best few seconds of my life.

All my anger and disappointment just disappeared the moment I landed on the ground.

I was a new player.

Heck, I was a new man.

Then the season started... And I just kept dunking:

Let Me Introduce You to the Exact Same Program I Used to
Add 16 Inches to My Vertical and Start Dunking on People in
Only 10 Weeks... I Call It 'The Bounce Guide'

“Back during the good ole AAU days”

I have to warn you first: It is totally different than anything you have tried before.

That's mostly because all those other cookie-cutter 'double your vertical jump' programs you have spent so much time and money on are developed by basketball coaches and players whose only credential is that they dunked a few times.

On the other side, this thing was developed by the people who actually make a living teaching people how to jump high - and get gold medals for it.

Here Is What Separates 'The Bounce Guide' From All the
Other Programs:

    • It focuses on all four most important areas of jump training (Strength, speed, movement efficiency and nutrition) unlike some popular programs out there and other gimmicks that promise to improve your vertical with plyometric exercises only (that doesn't work!)


    • It is centered around Rate of Force Development training - An athlete's ability to develop
      maximal force in minimal time ultimately determines how high they jump, how fast they run, and how successful they are at their sport. (No other program does this and it is a grave mistake!)


    • It's completely safe - No dangerous movements, insanely high-rep exercises, and high-risk
      exercises involved


    • You don't feel exhausted and out of breath - this is what endurance training makes you feel.
      Explosive (fast twitch muscle fiber) training is COMPLETELY different
      (Forget what your coaches have taught you - Feeling like $hit after a session isn't a good sign if you want to be more explosive)


The Actual Program Has Two Phases:

PHASE 1 (WEEKS 1-8):

Phase 1 is a high-volume/high intensity phase. You will be doing a combination of strength training and plyometric training. This is called complex training and is, hands down, the most effective way to increase your speed and vertical jump.


In Phase 1 you can expect the following:

  • Targeted Rate of Force Development training – this kind of training is responsible for adding 4 – 6 inches to an athlete’s vertical jump in only 4 weeks of training. It will very quickly make you a superior athlete. The best athletes on the plant (Michael Jordan, Russell Westbrook, Young Kobe, etc.) are masters of Rate of Force Development.

  • Increase in Tendon Stiffness – the highly advanced plyometric exercises that we do (I got these exercises from the workouts of Olympic jumpers and sprinters) will increase your tendon stiffness and ability to absorb force. Why is this important? Athletes, especially high-level athletes, are able to absorb tons of force (when running to do a jump) and then exert it back out into the ground to get themselves 40+ inches off the ground. This is all because of very stiff tendons that can take in that force. You will be doing those same exercises that increase that stiffness.

  • Your Type 1 (Slow Twitch) muscle fibers will start to act like Type 2A (Fast Twitch) muscle fibers. It’s impossible to change your muscle fibers (you can’t go from slow to fast twitch), however, you can have your slow twitch fibers start acting like fast twitch fibers. This is 100% possible and I am a testament to that. I was born 90% slow twitch and was an excellent mile runner and bad jumper. With the correct training, I made my slow twitch muscles start acting like fast twitch muscles. And guess what? Now I can run the 100-meter dash in 10.5 seconds and jump 44 inches. The Bounce Guide’s explosive based training will do the same for you.

  • You will see an increase in neural drive and nervous system strength because of the high intensity and highly explosive exercises you will do throughout the program.

  • Phase 1 is also when most of your muscle growth happens, due to the ‘Growth training sets’ you will be doing for weightlifting exercises.

PHASE 2 (WEEKS 9-10)

Unlike the Phase 1, where our main goal is to build muscle, develop elite high-level rate of force development, and get super strong. Phase 2 will tone down the volume quite a bit so that you can recover.

During this phase, your body will feel fresh, strong and springy. Also, in this phase you will start incorporating much more functional jumping exercises.

In Phase 1 you will do tons of high level plyometric exercises.

In Phase 2 you will do those same plyometric exercises but less, and then start throwing in functional jumping exercise that will help you master the technique and movement of the one-foot and two-foot vertical jump (highly important!)

Once your body recovers and you get your technique in place, you will start gaining inches like crazy! I’ve seen guys gain 5 inches in the first 8 weeks of the program and then add 8 more inches in the last 2 weeks. That’s when the real fun starts!

Plus, You Get 3 Equally Important Features:

Nutrition Guide with the sample meal plan and the list of recommended supplements for optimal results

In-Season Program you can use to keep improving your vertical jump even during the season, without causing fatigue that would affect your performance in games

The Maintenance Program – a one-week routine you can repeat as many times as you want, whenever you want in order to maintain your legs strength and quickness

And Again, Everything Is 100% Safe

You won’t be doing any high-risk exercises, insanely high-rep sets or any spinal loading that puts your back and the rest of the body at risk.

For example, squats and deadlifts are two great compound exercises - especially good for strengthening the legs and other parts of the body important for jumping – but I simply do not feel comfortable prescribing these movements to people that I can't train in person.

So I spent months experimenting until I finally came up with other, much more safe exercises that develop that same raw strength and power and are just as effective.

Long story short: Both your body and your end result are 100% safe.

The Only Question Here Is:
What Are You Willing to Do for a 40+ Inch Vertical Jump?

I know for a fact that almost any male that’s decently in shape can achieve a running vertical jump of 40+ inches, so don’t even try to blame genetics.

If you have a vertical in the 20s, 30s, or even mid to high 30s, it is absolutely possible to put on 10 inches within the next 10 weeks.

I did it, and so did everyone who fully committed to working with me for 10 weeks.

The only question is: Are you willing to do what it takes?

Are you willing to eat, train and sleep like a real athlete for 10 weeks straight without cheating, making a pause or giving up?


Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Here Is Exactly What Is Going to Happen Once You Complete
‘The Bounce Guide’

Of course you will be able to dunk effortlessly.

One hand, two hands, between the legs and windmills (hopefully)...

Trust me, it’s even more fun than you imagine.

However, this program is not just about the types of dunks you are going to be able to pull off.

The Bounce Guide is also going to:

  • Increase your lateral speed and turn you into a lock-down defender

  • Give you more ‘hang time’ so you can finish around the rim pretty much every way you want

  • Enable you to block shots off the glass (Think of LeBron on Iggy block).

  • Give you a powerful psychological advantage over your opponents (Nobody wants to guard the guy that throws vicious windmills in warm ups, trust me)

  • Make teammates, coaches, crowd and scouts fall in love with you

  • Increase your scoring average by 5 to 10 points per game (ppg) or more!

  • Make you an offensive threat and the number one scoring option on your team (You better get used to the Box and 1 defense!)

Sounds Too Good to Be True?
Our Members Are Living Proof That Everything You Read Is
100% Accurate:

Hi Momir, I’d like to ask you if I should be training when I’m really sore? I can barely walk today and it’s day 5 of week 6 so I have a plyo workout but don’t feel up for it at all. Please let me know what I should do. Also, I’ve gained 8 inches in 6 weeks now. This is crazy….can’t wait to keep at it. I went from touching the rim barely to dunking two hands… lol seriously?
- Brian

Hey! Remember me lmao? I was asking you what’s wrong after I didn’t gain an inch the first two weeks… You told me to settle down and keep training which I did and I’M DUNKING NOW. I think it’ been like 11 weeks or something I had to take a break on week 9 cause the fam and I went to Jamaica for a vaca. BTW I’m 38 years old and have never dunked in my life so this is unreal. My rec league opponents better watch out!
- Steve

Hi Momir,

Don’t worry about it! I know you are just trying to push me to do my best and I was being super hard headed. Sorry for the late reply also. I wanted to wait until my rest days were over to contact you back. Guess what?! I gained like 4 inches during my rest week. Wtf how’s that happen? I feel like it’s cause I was overtraining and allowed my muscles to rest and get stronger. Tell me though I wanna know!

- Sasa

Hi Momir,

I feel like I’m not the typical trainee of yours so I was super hesitant to email you 3 months ago and ask you for tips. I’m sure glad I did though! I just finished the program you set me up with and feel sooo much stronger and faster. I can also touch net! My club team tryouts are coming up and I’m more confident than ever!
Should I continue training like this once my club practices start or should I lay off for a while?

- Alicia


So I just started the program two weeks ago and can jump 4 inches
Is it because I’m recruiting all those dormant muscle fibers now that I’m doing proper

- Vlad

Hi Momir,

Love the program. It’s tough but I’m seeing results. I never measured my vertical jump but I went from grabbing rim to dunking in just 5 weeks. So cool. Gotta get back to training though.


Hey Momir,

Ethan here! Just want to say that you keep motivating me to do better and better and I love it!!!
I’ll hit you up later and show you all my improvements.

- Ethan

AYYYYYYY finally slammed down a dunk! So pumped I couldn’t wait to come home and tell you. Thanks Momir for all the help over the last month. I really appreciate it.

- Ittai

I Could Easily Price This Program at $250 and Still Sleep at Night Knowing That I Did You A Favor

Just take these two facts into consideration:

Training with an Olympic track coach while doing world class training methods isn't available to regular people (If it were, it would cost a fortune)

1 on 1 training with me costs $100/hour

With that being said, the training program that delivers the same results could cost AT LEAST $197.

However, I believe that everyone deserves to experience this unexplainable feeling that preoccupies the body seconds after you throw down your first in-game dunk... And that’s why I decided to make 'The Bounce Guide' available to everyone and price it at only $50!

Yes, I Just Said That You Can Have ‘The Bounce Guide’ for
Only $50!

And Of Course, I Am Offering You a 60-Day,
No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

I know that ‘The Bounce Guide’ works.

It worked for me, it worked for hundreds of Olympic jumpers before me and it worked for everyone (100s of other athletes) who completed it ever since I brought it to the market.

In order to show you how much I believe in what I am preaching and to completely eliminate the risk, I am offering you a 60-day money back guarantee.

Simply, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the product and the results it brought you, I will give you your money back without asking a question.

Fair enough?

Great! Now you really have no excuses not to scroll down and get the program:


Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

But That’s Not All Folks!

As an Added Bonus (and Only If You Join Today) I Will Throw in
the Advanced Kettlebell Training Technique I Learned from a
Couple of NLF Players

Back when I was 19-20 years old (already dunking on people etc.) I had this great honor to spend some time working with a couple of established NFL guys.

Do I need to tell you how athletic these guys were?

Both of them weighed more than 230lbs but were faster and quicker than any basketball player I have ever met.

They introduced me to this new concept – Explosive kettlebell training.

Of course I was already familiar with kettlebells, but the movement and the intensity they showed me were out of this world.

And just when I thought that I achieved my full potential and that my vertical can’t possibly improve, I added 5 more inches and became significantly quicker after only 4 weeks of doing explosive kettlebell swings the way they taught me.

This training technique is the perfect complement to The Bounce Guide program and I have implemented into the program for athletes to use to their advantage.

All you need to do is click on the button below and I will make sure I include the Explosive kettlebell swings training method in your package:

"This picture was taken about a week after I completed my Advanced Kettlebell Training. My hip joint was noticeably stronger and I was a much more explosive athlete."


Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Who Am I?

I am Momir - a freak athlete who wasn’t born that way.

That’s pretty much everything you should know about me.

Seriously, not so long ago I was a very average high school athlete/basketball player.

I was literally as slow as it gets and could barely touch the rim.

The only reason I made the team was because I was somewhat skilled and tall (I'm 6 foot 4 inches tall)

I learned the hard way that, in pretty much every sport, skills are completely useless if you are not athletic.

So I dedicated the next two years to becoming at least an above-average athlete.

I was reading everything I could find on vertical jump training (My social life suffered) and I was spending all my free time jumping around and trying to figure out how to add inches onto my vert.

Finally, one off-season, I got to train with an Olympic track coach/pick his brain every day, and my life changed forever. I went from a 28” vertical to a 44” vertical in just a few short months.

Suddenly, basketball was so FUN

    • I started throwing down windmills and between the legs dunks


    • Started dunking in games (Had 26 dunks the summer/season after I completed The Bounce Guide – compared to 0 dunks the season before)


    • Won League MVP the season AFTER I completed The Bounce Guide program


    • I had 5 dunks in one game multiple times (read the newspaper article below)


    • Averaged 23 PPG in my senior year


    • Received a full ride scholarship to play college basketball (Was name pre-season 1st team all-conference in college)



Long story short, I was exactly where you are now… And now I am where you want to be.

I am so excited to get the chance to help other guys achieve their dreams. Like I said – I’ve been there and know exactly how bad you want to succeed.

Be sure to share your success with me and send me videos of you dunking. There’s nothing more motivating to me than hearing how athletes that have used The Bounce Guide are now dunking, doing windmills, putting guys on posters, scoring 10+ more points per game, etc.

See you on the other side,

Momir Gataric

Frequently Asked Questions

You will increase it by a significant amount. I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. If you are younger (18 and younger) then you’re most likely going to see a MASSIVE increase in vert. I just got done training two 15 year olds (Sophomores in high school) and they both increased their vert a ton in 12 weeks. One went from being able to barely dunk two hands to doing 360s, tomahawks, and dunking in games. The other could barely touch the rim and he started throwing down two hand dunks. If you are older 18+ and can't dunk but can get close, then you will probably start being able to throw down dunks in games. You’ll be surprised by how quickly inches get added on when you are doing the proper type of training. If you want me to asses how much you will increase your vertical jump in 12 weeks - then feel free to contact me with a video of yourself jumping and I'll give you a rough estimate.

For one – I’ve done it myself. I’ve taken my vertical jump from about 28 inches to 44 inches. I literally made myself a freak athlete. I wasn’t born a jumping machine and I was never the highest jumper on any of my teams. However, I became obsessed with vertical jump training and I found out everything that it took to increase your leaping ability. I went from being an average jumper to a guy that can throw down windmills and between the legs dunks.

The second reason on why I’m/The Bounce Guide is different is because we focus on how to do certain exercises and not what exercises to do. I’ll be honest – there are really no secret exercises out there. However, there are a select few exercises that are KING in jump training and no other exercise compares. The Bounce Guide has you do these exercises but also focuses on how you do them. You’ll find out exactly what I mean – there are certain things you MUST focus on if you are going to have the best training program possible. And guess what? I haven’t met anyone that knows about these principles or how important it is to incorporate them into your program.

No way. Lifting weights will not stunt your growth. That is just a myth. I grew up to be pretty tall (6”4’) and I’ve been lifting weights since I was 13 years old. There’s also a ton of research out there that proves it doesn’t stunt your growth. In fact there are some published research articles out there that suggest that it may even promote growth.
100% safe. We focus on lifting with proper form and we don’t do any high-risk exercises. In fact, after you have completed the 12 weeks your body will be so much stronger that risk of injury decreases. The exercises we do will strengthen the muscles around your knees and also strengthen your ankles – making it a lot tougher to roll an ankle or get a devastating knee injury.
Absolutely. I will be there the whole journey and make sure you guys succeed. All you have to do is shoot me an email and I’ll get back within 24 hours - 48 hours
The Bounce Guide has been tested on 100s of athletes. I’ve been helping people increase their vertical jump for 8 years now and it never fails to amaze. Everyone is always surprised with their results. Everyone is also always surprised that they have never been taught the correct training principles.
We do both weightlifting and plyometrics. The combination of the two is a POWERFUL and synergistic combination.You should always do BOTH weightlifting and plyometric training when training your vertical jump.
Absolutely. This is actually one of the best things about our training. You’re first step will become unstoppable and you’ll blow by defenders with ease.
You’ll have immediate access to The Bounce Guide.
Yes, nutrition is essential and we cover nutrition in depth. You’ll know exactly how you should be eating/what supplements you should be taking.
Of course it does. Girls are my favorite to train because how often do you see a girl basketball player or athlete that can jump high? It’s very rare. Imagine increasing your vertical jump by a significant amount as a girl. You’ll stand out so much! You’ll be head and shoulders above your competition, this is why training girls is great cause you can really create freak athletes out of them.